Preventing Chimney Fires

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Before a Chimney Fire

Unburned particles from incomplete combustion coat the inside of the chimney. This is called “creosote”, or “glazed creosote” due to the glassy coating it may have. This can be caused by such factors as improper stove or insert installation, burning wet wood, or not allowing enough oxygen into a stove or insert.

Avoid a chimney fire by having regular inspections by your local professionals at Chimney Masters.

During a Chimney Fire

The creosote ignites and burns. Some-times the fire remains contained within the chimney; sometimes it does not.

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After a Chimney Fire

The burned glazed creosote has puffed out during combustion like a “snake” firework if you have ever seen one of those.

Once the puffed out creosote is removed you can see the damage the fire has done to the interior of the chimney. This is dangerous and we must replace the broken pieces or install a stainless steel liner.

Tips for preventing a chimney fire:

  • Verify any wood insert or freestanding stove is installed properly.
  • Burn wood that has sat an dried for one full year (called “seasoned” wood).
  • Make sure the fire gets enough air, and do not cut off the air to try to keep the fire burning through the night.
  • Have your chimney inspected and cleaned regularly.